Friday, June 17, 2005 - Web & Gadgets - itest - ALDI SPECIAL BUYS - Web & Gadgets - itest - ALDI SPECIAL BUYS: "One of Aldi’s most eye-catching offers in recent weeks has been the Tevion MD 30132, a 32” High Definition ready widescreen LCD TV.

With a specification list that we’d expect from displays costing over �1000, the MD 30132 boasts a contrast ratio of 1000:1, a response time of 8 ms, and an impressive viewing angle of 176 degrees.

While its �750 price tag may draw suspicion, the Tevion didn’t disappoint in our tests."

Random stuff

I have decided to try blogging from my Tablet PC. I realised I have had this blog for nearly a year with no real blogs going up. May only last 1 day but... here goes.
This is going to be pretty random for now. Well my poppies are looking nice. Trouble is the wind blows the petals off after a day or two!I have had Gmail for a while now and love it. Have 50 invites so post here if you want one.Also, just got a HiGrade DMS II 3400 Media Center PC which is perfect when teamed up with my ALDI 32" LCD TV.

Dom in understated party shirt Posted by Hello

My first poppies!.....gorgeous.....!! Posted by Hello